Professional Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning in Northern California.

We wash your commercial solar panels using specialty rotating solar brushes and deionized water to help restore your panel’s energy output.

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Large Scale Cleaning

We are able to clean thousands of panels quickly & thoroughly.

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Boom Lift Cleaning

We are OSHA Safety Certified for boom lift cleaning in hard to reach areas.

Panel Inspection

We check your panels for signs of corrosion & damage.

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Added Insured Endorsement

We are able to add your company as an AIE on our insurance policy.

Industrial & Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Suns Solar Cleaning offers commercial Solar cleaning for ground mounts, carports, and rooftops situated in hard-to-reach places. We are able to clean thousands of panels for large-scale solar properties within a short period of time because we use only the best commercial solar panel cleaning equipment.

The Suns Solar Difference

Here's How We Clean Your Commercial Solar Panels

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Specialty Rotating Solar Brushes

Our rotating solar brushes remove gunk and make your panels shine more effectively than typical push brushes.

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Tested Deionized Water

We always use tested deionized water to clean your panels to avoid scaling and mineral deposits caused by hard water.

No Harmful Chemicals or Soaps

We never use any harmful chemicals or soaps to wash your solar panels to protect your solar panel's warranty.

Recent Commercial Projects

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Animal Hospital

On this animal hospital, we installed a galvanized steel bird mesh around 297 panels and washed them with our sola-tech c1000 rotating brush.

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Condo Complex

This condo complex had 38 units with 9 panels per unit for a total of 342 solar panels. Using a boom lift, we managed to wash them all in within a couple of hours.

Northern California's Expert Commercial Solar Panel Cleaners

Here at Suns Solar Cleaning, We realize that we are cleaning an investment that is considered one of the largest purchases a property owner will ever make in their life. 

To some commercial solar panel cleaners it may not be a big deal, which is why many will simply spray down your solar panels with a garden hose, throw some soap on, and brush it off like it’s another day at a car wash.

But not us…

We know that using hard water with soap on solar panels can potentially void your warranty, build up calcium deposits that corrode your panels, and leave behind snail trails in micro-crack areas.

This is why we only use softened deionized water with our industry-leading, Sola-Tecs C1000 brushes to safely remove heavy soiling on your panels so that you can get the most energy output out of them without having to worry about a thing.  

Our clients love us

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Do Solar panels need to be cleaned?

Google Case Study on Solar Panel Washing

Google did a case study in which they cleaned 1.5 MW of their facilities’ solar panels and discovered that their energy output doubled on their flat panels after cleaning them for the first time in 15 months.

After cleaning them again 8 months later, their output instantly increased by 36 percent. Google found that cleaning these types of solar panels was one of the best ways to maximize their energy production.

Have you recently had your panels cleaned yet? If not, you could be losing valuable energy production which is causing you to pay more on your facilities energy bills. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Service Areas do you operate in?

We cover a large part of northern California for commercial cleaning. For the full list of counties, see service areas below.

Do you do residential solar cleaning?

Yes, we do residential cleaning jobs mostly in the Sacramento region. If you are interested in learning more, check out our page for residential solar cleaning services in Sacramento.

Do you have a Commercial solar panel cleaning certification?

We have a business license for cleaning commercial solar panels by the city of Roseville, but no certification is needed.

Do you offer a yearly maintenance plan?

Yes, we offer a 3 month, 6 month, and 1-year maintenance plan with discounts. For more information about our plans and costs, call us or request a quote through our online form.

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