Providing professional Solar panel cleaning, and birdproofing services

Looking to go solar? Along with helping you save on rising energy costs. We install, bird proof and clean solar panels. Providing the best service in the industry for your investment. 

The Suns Difference

What Separates Us From Other Solar Panel Cleaning companies

Before & After photos

We take before and after photos of your solar panel cleaning for you to see the difference without having to climb the roof.

Free Panel Inspection

We include a free solar panel inspection with every paid solar cleaning and notify you of any damage/wear on your panels.

High Safety Standards

Our solar panel cleaners follow a high safety standard by using gutter guards on ladders, straps, and vests for high visibility.

deionized water icon

Ultra Clean Deionized Water

We always use tested deionized water to clean your panels to avoid scaling and mineral deposits caused by hard water.

rotating brush icon

Industry-Leading Solar Brushes

Our rotating solar brushes remove gunk and make your panels shine more effectively than typical push brushes.

No Harmful Chemicals / Soaps

We never use any harmful chemicals or soaps to wash your solar panels to protect your panel's warranty.

before and after photos of a solar panel bird guard installation

Solar Panel Pest Control

Pigeon Proofing And Bird Abatement

Are you tired of pesky pigeons making noise on your roof and leaving behind droppings all over your property? We can help. When it comes to bird proofing solar panels, we offer a quick, affordable, and safe solution that will help protect your investment.

Our bird control services include:

  • Removal of live birds and nests from underneath your panels and roof corners
  • Cleaning under and around Panel areas to remove bird droppings plus other debris
  • Installing a bird barrier around your solar system using galvanized steel mesh to protect them from pigeons and other birds. 

About Us

Solar Panel Cleaners You Can Count On

Here at Suns Solar Cleaning, We realize that we are cleaning an investment that is considered one of the largest purchases a homeowner will ever make in their life. 

To some solar panel cleaners it may not be a big deal, which is why many will simply spray down your panels with your garden hose, throw some soap on, and brush it off like it’s another day at a car wash.

But not us…

We know that using hard water with soap on solar panels can potentially void your warranty, build up calcium deposits that corrode your panels, and leave behind snail trails in micro-crack areas.

This is why we only use softened deionized water with our industry-leading, Sola-Tecs C1000 brushes to safely get all that gunk off your panels so that you can get the most energy output out of them without having to worry about a thing.  

You can also be at peace knowing that we are a licensed, bonded, and insured local business that knows how to professionally clean your solar panels.

What Customers Are Saying...

Solar Cleaning in Roseville
"Had this company come out today and clean my solar panels. They showed up on time and did a heck of a job on my panels ( over 40 solar panels). These guys took their time and left our panels spotless. Our panels were filthy, first time getting them cleaned . Can't wait to see how much more efficient my panels will be now ! Highly recommended! 5 stars. Thank you guys"
-Alex K
Rocklin, CA
"There is only one word for this company and that is GREAT. In these times we live in it's nice to do business with real professionals. They speak intelligently, they show up when they say they will and best of all they do a great job for a reasonable price. Use them if you need your solar panels cleaned. Dirty panels don't operate at 100%."
-Sam S.
Antelope, CA
clean solar panels on a commercial property
"Professional service. Came in on time and took care of my 36 Solar panels. I was hesitant at first but after seeing the results it's unbelievable. Now I'm getting about 20 to 30 percent more power from my panels. Even though they are 2 years old they made them look amazing. I Will most likely get them to clean my panels every year.. Thank you Sun's Solar Crew. GREAT JOB."
-Jaro Stok
Natomas, CA
boom lift cleaning icon

Hard To Reach Panels

We are OSHA Safety Certified for boom lift cleaning in hard to reach areas.

large scale solar panel cleaning icon

Large Scale Cleaning

Our equipment allows us to clean thousands of panels thoroughly and efficiently.

add on insurance icon

Add-On Insured Endorsement

We are able to add your company as an AIE on our insurance policy.

Panel Inspection

We check your panels for visual signs of wear and damage to notify you.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Do you have a commercial or industrial property with dirty solar panels?  Suns Solar Cleaning offers commercial solar panel cleaning for big-box stores, schools, parking garages, solar farms and more!  We are able to clean hundreds or thousands of pv panels safely and efficiently using industry leading equipment to help you get the highest energy production out of your system. Our team of specialists are licensed, bonded, and insured for commercial cleaning jobs and work to get your job done right the first time.

Do you need to clean solar panels?

Solar Panel Washing Can Restore Output By Up To 36%

According to a Google Case Study in which Google cleaned 1.5 MW of their facilities’ photovoltaic panels, they discovered that their energy output doubled on their flat panels after cleaning them for the first time in 15 months. After cleaning them again 8 months later, their output instantly increased by 36 percent. They found out that cleaning these panels was “the number one way to maximize the energy they produce.” 

Areas that we service

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