Professional Solar Panel Cleaning in Davis, CA

Suns Solar Cleaning provides expert solar panel cleaning services in Davis, catering to both residential and commercial properties, ensuring optimal efficiency in panel performance.

Quality Solar Cleaning Service in Davis

Before and After photos

We capture before and after images of your solar panel cleaning, providing you with visual evidence of the transformation without the need for you to ascend onto the roof.

Free Solar Panel Inspection

With every cleaning, we offer a complimentary solar panel inspection, ensuring thorough maintenance. Any detected damage or wear on your panels is promptly communicated to you for your awareness.

High Safety Standards

Our cleaners adhere to stringent safety protocols, utilizing gutter guards on ladders, along with straps and vests for enhanced visibility, ensuring a high standard of safety at all times.

What's The Difference?

How We Clean Your Solar Panels

rotating brush icon

Specialty Solar Cleaning Brushes

Our rotating solar brushes remove dirt and make your panels shine more effectively than typical push brushes.

No Harmful Soaps or Chemicals

We never use any harmful chemicals or soaps to wash your solar panels to protect your panel's warranty.

deionized water icon

Tested Deionized Water

We always use deionized water to clean your panels to avoid scaling and mineral deposits caused by hard water.

What Clients Are Saying

"Had this company come out today and clean my solar panels. They showed up on time and did a heck of a job on my panels ( over 40 solar panels). These guys took their time and left our panels spotless. Our panels were filthy, first time getting them cleaned . Can't wait to see how much more efficient my panels will be now ! Highly recommended! 5 stars. Thank you guys"
-Alex K
Rocklin, CA
"I hired this company based on previous positive reviews and they did not disappoint! They did an amazing job! Don’t risk injuring yourself or damaging your panels. Let Suns Solar Cleaning do the cleaning for you!"
-Lyle M.
Rocklin, California
clean solar panels on a commercial property
"Professional service. Came in on time and took care of my 36 Solar panels. I was hesitant at first but after seeing the results it's unbelievable. Now I'm getting about 20 to 30 percent more power from my panels. Even though they are 2 years old they made them look amazing. I Will most likely get them to clean my panels every year.. Thank you Sun's Solar Crew. GREAT JOB."
-Jaro Stok
Natomas, CA

Specialty Solar Panel Cleaners in Davis

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At Suns Solar Cleaning, we recognize the significance of maintaining an investment that stands as one of the most substantial purchases a property owner will ever make. While some cleaners might treat it lightly, resorting to mere hose-downs, soapy solutions, and casual brushing akin to a routine car wash, we approach it differently.

We understand the potential risks associated with using soap and hard water on solar panels, including warranty voidance, the formation of damaging calcium deposits, and the presence of snail trails in micro-crack areas.

That’s why we exclusively utilize tested deionized water in conjunction with our state-of-the-art Sola-Tecs C1000 brushes. This combination ensures a thorough removal of dirt from your panels, enhancing their efficiency while alleviating any concerns. With our approach, you can maximize your panel’s energy output with peace of mind.

remove paint overspray on solar panels

Removal of Paint Overspray on Panels

Do you have paint on your solar panels? We can help! Suns Solar Cleaning offers paint overspray removal services that doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals or paint thinners on solar panels. We get paint overspray removed safely and effectively so that your panels are able to produce better again!

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