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Suns Solar Cleaning offers a variety of services for residential & commercial solar panel arrays such as cleaning and maintenance.

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Our most popular residential service is our solar panel cleaning service. We make sure that your panels are cleaned safely using deionized water and professional Solar brushes without chemicals / soaps.


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Solar Panel Brushes

Our rotating brushes are made specifically for solar panels.

Bonded & Insured

Hire us with peace of mind knowing that we are bonded & insured.

Inspection Check

We check your panels for signs of corrosion & damage.

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Before & After Photos

Get comparison photos with every residential solar cleaning

Commercial & Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning

Suns Solar Cleaning offers commercial and industrial Solar panel cleaning for ground mounts and rooftops situated in hard to reach places. We are able to clean thousands of panels for solar farms within just a couple of days because of the equipment we use.


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Large Scale Cleaning

We are able to clean thousands of panels quickly & thoroughly.

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Boom Lift Cleaning

We use boom lifts to clean panels in hard to reach areas.

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Add-on Insured Endorsement

We are able to add your company as an AIE on our insurance policy.

Panel Inspection

We check your panels for signs of corrosion & damage.

Bird Proofing & Bird Control for Solar panels

Tired of pesky birds nesting under your solar panels? Our bird proofing service removes birds safely and puts a protective net around your panels to protect them from damages.

How It Works

Remove Nested Birds

We remove all nested birds underneath your panels.

Clean underneath your panels

We wash out any debris from underneath your panels.

Add Protective Netting

A protective net covers open areas of your panels to keep birds out.

Safe & Hassle Free

Our bird control service is safe for your panels & roof.

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