Got Pigeons Under Your Solar Panels? We Can Help.

We remove birds from underneath your solar panels, wash panel areas, and install bird mesh to protect your panels from damage at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 

Top Rated For Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Our 3-Step Bird Proofing Process

Get your panels cleaned and protected

1. Removal of Live Birds

We safely remove any live birds and nests from underneath the solar panels.

2. Cleaning panel areas

We wash underneath your solar panels and areas around the panels to remove bird droppings.

3. Installation of Bird Mesh

We install galvanized steel mesh around the panels to keep birds from nesting under them.

How It Works

How we Bird Proof Your Panels

We Clean Up...Big Time.

We make sure all bird poop, nests, and other debris is cleaned out from under and around the panels before we install your protective bird mesh. We are also able to wash your solar panels to keep the entire area looking super clean.

No drilling or cutting Into your solar panels

We surround your panels with thick galvanized steel wire mesh and secure it with fasteners that clip on to the back of your panels, so you never have to worry about your panels getting damaged in the process.

Get what you paid for with our 5-year Natural Cause warranty.

We offer a 5 year warranty on all bird mesh installations that covers natural damage caused by critter intrusion or weather conditions. If your mesh gets damaged by natural causes, we will come out to your property and fix it for free within 5 years of installation (although most installations last up to 10 years).

Keep The Birds Away For Good With Bird Spike Installations.

Looking for an extra line of defense against birds nesting on your property? We offer bird spike installations and rooftop corner barriers to cover any other areas that are exposed to pigeons.

What Customers Are Saying:

solar panel bird mesh installation
"Suns Solar Cleaning, Roman and his partner, did excellent work on our house. It was a tough job after having a home to several families of pigeons for five years living under our solar panels! They were kind, professional, and did everything they said they would do. The price was fair and affordable as well. I would highly recommend their service to anyone with a pest problem on their roof!"
-Joseph D.
Rocklin, CA
"They sent someone out the same day to give me a free estimate. Roman, who did the initial inspection was not only on-time, courteous, professional, and friendly.. but he was also VERY informative, answering all of my questions and showing me photos of what my pigeon situation looked like and some of the jobs they have done for others. Later that evening I was sent a very reasonably priced quote for pigeon proofing which also included a solar panel cleaning. It was a no-brainer! I scheduled service for 2 days later and the rest is history"
-Michael K.
Roseville, CA
"Sun solar personnel did a great job in installing the bird proofing. They made sure that everything is cleaned even the dropping on the concrete. They were professionals on time, courteous, and friendly. I will surely recommend their services to friends and family. Great job!"
-Norman D.C.
Antioch, CA
professional pigeon proofing solar panel services
"I would highly recommend these guys if you need your solar panels cleaned. Showed up on time and did an excellent job. I will continue to use them in the future."
-Phillip J.
Sacramento, CA
"Great service! Excellent job cleaning solar panels and installing a galvanized steel netting to protect panels from pigeons.."
-Marilu K.
Suisun City, CA
"There is only one word for this company and that is GREAT. In these times we live in it's nice to do business with real professionals. They speak intelligently, they show up when they say they will and best of all they do a great job for a reasonable price. Use them if you need your solar panels cleaned. Dirty panels don't operate at 100%"
-Samuel S.
Antelope, CA


Most frequent questions and answers

We have never run into any issues with a solar company voiding a panels warranty on any installation since we never cut or drill into the panel. However, every solar company has different policies so you might want to check with yours just to be sure.

Yes, we offer a 5 year warranty that protects your installation from any natural causes such as weather damage or bird intrusion. If your mesh comes loose or is damaged from natural causes, we will repair it free of charge within 5 years of installation.

Absolutely not. Our bird mesh installation does not require any drilling or cutting into your roof or solar panels.

We use a durable galvanized steel mesh that is designed to keep out birds, squirrels, and others critters throughout all weather conditions.

Who we are

Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance Services You Can Count On

Suns Solar Cleaning is a solar panel cleaning and maintenance company based in Sacramento, CA that specializes in taking care of your solar investment through bird proofing and regular solar panel cleaning services. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company that works with industry leading equipment to protect your panels and ensure safety in every project we take on.

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Get A quick bird proofing Quote

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Get A quick bird proofing Quote

Answer a few questions and get a response within 24 hours

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Answer a few questions and get a response within 24 hours

Get A quick bird proofing Quote

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